Friday, July 23, 2010

I built my own food guide

I built my own "food guide" via the Healthy Canada link I have on my blog. Go there, then click Canada's Food Guide and then you get to where you can make your own.

Or a quicker way do one yourself is if you click HERE.

Mine looks like this (btw, you can click on the pic to enlarge it):

So far I have had 1 bagel, 1 banana and 1 serving of lean deli meat (cooked lifestyle chicken breast) and water and 2 cups of tea.

That means before the end of the day I still need 6 servings of fruit or veggies, 4 grain servings, 2 milk servings and 1 more meat or meat alternative serving.

But meat is my favourite thing.

Did I mention this is hard?

Also, I must combat apathy and get some physical activity done today too!

So far it's been 7 trips on the stairs. Am I supposed to time them or something? And how many stairs before I should count them?

No matter - have arranged with hubs for him to take the kids out for awhile later so I can get my ass moving in PRIVACY.

I can't go to the gym because I already have issues with people seeing me, had the issues years before the weight problem began.

That also means I can't go swimming (plus I don't have a suit that properly encases "the girls") the suit I have now is a 3X but my breasts have gotten bigger (so has my stomach and my ass) and I refuse to buy a 4X suit.

Next summer I want the 3X suit to be swimming on me (yes, the pun was cheesily intended).

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