Friday, May 13, 2011

I had a decent day today

Since Hubs had a temp agency recruitment thing to attend today, he picked up Rhyme Girl (aka Step-Daughter) on Thursday so she had today off of school.

We went shopping and got her a few things and then after school we went back out with Little Man (aka Son) and the wee Lambikins (aka Baby Girl).

The kids were surprisingly good today.

Though I do have to go to public health when they re-open on Monday because 1G1D1Y was kind enough to remove what I thought was a stinger from a bug from Little Man's neck late this afternoon and we're pretty sure it's actually some sort of TICK!

How creepy and scary and gross.

I called the DR's after-hours number and spoke with a nurse and answered all her questions and it ended up that if he develops a fever or any sort of illness within the next two weeks, I should take him to the DR.

Um, hello -- I am going to bring him to Public Health (with the tick-like thing in a Ziplock bag) with me on Monday.

So let's hope that even if it IS a tick that it won't be carrying Lyme disease or something else that's bad...


I've seen my friend, S. at the school a few times this week and even though she says she has no "filter" she's great.  Always has something nice to say about how I'm looking and she's just a sweetheart.

Crap, the Lamb is shrieking upstairs and there goes the door - I think Hubs is going to be summoning me to join him forthwith!

Be well, everyone!

Oh wait... the other day we took my baby to the park to have her first swing in an infant swing. She was less than impressed. WAAAAYYYYYY less than impressed.

We did end up taking turns swinging on a "normal" swing with her on our lap instead so I have a couple of shots of that...

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