Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Baby Girl Update

So let's see...

Baby Girl weaned herself from breastmilk this month (about mid-month).

She now eats apple slices, bananas (sliced) raw or frozen, raisins, cheese, crackers, Cheerios, baby cookies, buttered or garlic toast, pizza (though she likes the crust the best), chicken breast, turkey breast, gravy, baked beans, potatoes, sweet potatoes, cooked carrots, corn, peas, apple sauce, baby food (though not often), hamburger meat, pasta, bread and rice.

She's also had birthday cake, ice cream, cheesies and popcorn.

And she does not seem to care for apple juice so far but she will drink watered down orange juice, homogenized (aka "whole") milk and water.

She has also enjoyed having spoonfuls of my smoothie when I have one.

She has had red peppers, spinach, cucumber and celery but hasn't been over enamoured of them.

For words she says:

  • Mama (and it's the first one she used to indicate a person - ME!)
  • Dada
  • Baby
  • Bye-Bye
  • Good Girl
  • Big Girl
  • uh-oh
She also babbles a lot in conversational tones, if you know what I mean and she also shakes her head "no" and "yes."

Still no more than one unassisted step, but she crawls a lot, stands a lot and keeps trying to climb things!

And she's working on her canine teeth.  Lower left is probably going to be the next tooth through which would but her at 13 teeth.

Not too shabby for a 14-month-old, I think...

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