Sunday, April 10, 2011

Yesterday - over 12000 steps

Had an evening out at my old stomping groups.

Though I also drank alcohol & pop (a few rye & ginger ales), plus water.  Ate a big street-meat hotdog with a bun and had chocolate earlier in the day. So let me get the crappy part out of the way first...

Weight: 206.4 lbs

Hubs was home with Baby Girl (who was still wide awake when I got home after 2 a.m.) and he was very cranky and pissed off at me.

When I got home he was complaining that if he was due home at such and such a time and then was late and didn't call that he'd be read the riot act.  I pointed out that he often doesn't call me when he arrives or leaves from his parent's place - which is much farther away than the club is.

He said that that is not the same.

I also pointed out that I had said, "I think we'll probably leave around midnight."

Whereas Hubs took that to mean, according to what he said last night when I got home, that I would be home between 11 and 11:30.

Also, when he called as I was standing outside the bar having a late night street meat hotdog (yep, can't even remember how long it's been since I had one of those) he was mad that Baby Girl was still up.

I asked if he'd heated up a bottle for her and tried that rather than cold milk in the sippy cup.  He said yes he had.

This morning I checked and he had not.  When I called him on that one, he apologized and said he was angry and confused last night.

Now you may recall that the last time I went out to the club (Xmas Day night) I also came home around this same time and he was made and upset that I didn't call to say that I was going to be later.

I think the next time I go - I'm just going to tell him that I'll be home around 3 a.m. and then when I roll in earlier than that - he'll be happy that I was home earlier than I said.

Sound like a plan???

Late afternoon yesterday - Hubs and I took Baby Girl up to St. Jacob's for a walk on the trail that we like.  It wasn't very crowded and was still a little muddy but it was nice.  By the time we got home I was up at just over 6000 steps for the day.

In the a.m. S-girl and I went out to MEfest.  Two of my friends were vendors at the event and there were a lot of different work-from-home/start-your-own-business type things as well as services geared towards women.

Let me look in my bag of handouts... and I'll post links for the people at booths that I spoke to:

(Apparently I do not have cards for a few booths we visited... the one that had the paci-strings and the one that had the yummy, decadent pretzels... I'll have to check with S-girl about those ones.) <-- my friend, Susan :>  Awesome massage therapist! <-- my friend, Jen :> Beauty Maven!
Distinctly Tea <-- though the Waterloo location is not listed <--- this one was pretty interesting re: food and cleaning products

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