Thursday, April 14, 2011

Stressy yesterday & kicking around some exercise thoughts

Exercise thoughts

I've been really thinking about kick-boxing for awhile. Back in 1997, one of my PT employees did kicking boxing and I was trying to work up the nerve to try it when the entire company got sold and some of the stores within the company went bankrupt and I ended up out of a job.

I was googling local kick-boxing establishments last week. But with our financial situation where it is -- I don't think I can invest any money into this sort of thing for now.

I've done some reading about 100 sit-ups and 100 push-ups and C25K and am thinking I should start one of these programs at home.

So if any of you have done any (or some or all) of them - I'd love to hear your thoughts on them.

And now I am going to move into my stressy yesterday post because I don't know that anyone would want to read it... yet, I still needed to write about what's going on because this isn't JUST a weight-loss/getting healthy blog.  It's become THE place where I write about everything.

Stressy yesterday

I spent a good chunk of yesterday fighting with Hubs.

That makes me really unhappy but then, he's really negative and unhappy and is really dumping it onto me.

I sincerely hope he is going to make more of an effort today re: his attitude/outlook.

Some of the stuff was little, stupid things.

We needed groceries but I had a friend coming over who I hadn't seen in awhile. So I reminded him about it and when B. came over, then Hubs went to go have a shower.

After quite some time, he had not returned. I went upstairs and he was lying down and watching TV.

So I said that I thought he was going to go to the grocery store because we needed some specific items for Baby Girl as well as general groceries.

There is often a lapse of common sense with Hubs approach to the world. If Baby Girl is crying, he'll try holding her in the hopes that she'll fall asleep first and then he'll try feeding her, followed by changing her and lastly he'll try giving her a drink.

But if she doesn't take the food or drink he's offering her, he gives up when it's also likely that she just wanted something else to eat or drink (or a drink at a different temperature).

And then he gets mad when I'll ask if he's tried anything else or if I take her (like if I've just come in from belly-dancing or a walk) and what I do calms her down on the first try.

The worst thing yesterday was the fact that both of us had applied to be one-day only election officers.

I was the one who received a call back and I will be working for 12 hours on May 2nd.

I told him about it when he got back from the grocery store.

He was pissed off.

It prompted a litany of "I'm not good enough" type of statements from him about himself.

I felt like I needed to apologize for getting the call instead of him.

He bitched, and sulked and complained.

It was like dealing with one of the older two children.

We had to have more than one "discussion" about his attitude yesterday.

The last one was last night where I reminded him that I've been a single parent before and I could do it again if I had to because I was drowning in his negativity and that it's not healthy for me or the kids.

Yes, I love him.

Yes, I want to be with him BUT not like this.

He has an interview at a temp agency today. If they can find something for him, I hope it helps turn around his attitude.

Seriously though, I really wish he'd go back and try a different psychiatrist because I think he needs to be treated for severe depression and ADD (neither of which has been diagnosed but I feel 95% positive of it.)

I still don't know what's happened to my camera charger and not being able to take photos really depresses me.


Sorry for another grumpy post :( This is not what I want to be writing about in my blog, but it IS what's going on.

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