Thursday, April 21, 2011

Girl stuff, the movie Limitless & other things

My fashionably late period has shown up and I feel like HELL this morning!


And I do have pernicious anemia but I do take B12 sub lingual tablets plus iron so I still can't figure out why I've been so wiped out lately...

Before I forget... if any of my readers are on Facebook, please go to click "like" & then go to the wall, find the pic that you see at the top of my blog & click "like" on the photo of Cara-Mae (me).

If I get the most "likes" by May 15th, I can win a $250 gift card from Fitness Depot and I could certainly use some new equipment and since Hubs has STILL not heard from anyone re: getting a job - y'all know I can't afford to buy anything.

Yesterday Hubs and I used our two-for-1 movie coupon to attend the "Stars & Strollers" matinee showing of "Limitless" which, unfortunately tested the limits of my patience.

Despite the lead role being filled by the dreamy and charismatic Bradley Cooper, the movie was extremely predictable, overall rather boring and relied far more on "tell me" rather than "show me" in regards to the voice-overs from the aforementioned Cooper.

Robert De Niro was drab and played a minor role.  All in all, a very disappointing outing.

On the good news department, Son found my missing car key!  So now the only missing items are my pedometer (lost outside) and Hubs' cell phone.

Here's another video of Baby Girl from Hubs' camera... it's very cute!

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