Monday, March 7, 2011

I spent all afternoon in the closet - luckily, it;'s a walk-in!

Yep, all afternoon!!!

I have 3 garbage bags full of donation clothing to be dropped off... I have my clothes put away (except what's in the laundry queue) and I did have a tiny panic attack but I got over it.

Buh-bye "fat girl" clothes that don't fit me anymore (and NEVER will again!!!).

So long "frumpy mom" clothes - some which fit and some which don't - I don't want you or need you unless you fulfill one of the following things:

  1. You make me feel pretty and/or sexy.
  2. You are necessary for exercise-type purposes.
Speaking of feeling sexy... I decided to try on the old rubber dress today - just for fun.  My boobs are bigger than they were when I originally wore it and it's still not what I'd call a "flattering" fit - but I wasn't planning on wearing it to belly dancing tonight or anything like that...

Still - that's an NSV because Hubs has never seen me wear it (other than in old photos).


  1. Daaaaaaaaaaaamn Girl!! ;)

    Awesome NSV!! I am sure hubby loved it!!

  2. I wanted to go drop off wee girl to a babysitter to maybe have an *afternoon delight* but it was too close to the time to pick up little man at school :(

  3. Woot - now your hubby is going to like that pic, big time.

  4. Wow! You look great!


  5. You go girl!!
    You look great!!!
    Is that not the most AWESOME FEELING??!!

  6. Dayum...lookin' good the boobahs!

  7. Your hubby is gonna have you wearing that all the time!Good for you for getting rid of the "fat" clothes.

  8. You look great in the dress!!! Sexy lady!!! :D

    I so need to go through my closet... :P

  9. Thank you, everyone (yes, even you - Hubs -- despite the fact that your sweet lovin' last night did not break me out of the 208 stalemate...)

  10. Isn't it a great feeling giving your old clothes away!