Saturday, March 12, 2011

Having a fantastic self-esteem day!

OK so I slept in a wee bit this morning due to Hubs & an alarm clock setting issue (he had it on radio not buzzer so we didn't hear it because the fm tuner wasn't on a viable station).

Anyway, so I had a shower - used my new hair dryer with the diffuser (though my hair didn't last till we got home) and some mousse to try and make it look like it did the other day.

And I even put on makeup.

We headed out for Son's Kung Fu (where we were meeting Husband v1.0 & his fiancee) and I was feeling rather pretty, even if I was a bit iffy with how my hair turned out (remember, I am still learning to girlify myself).

Got to Kung Fu and I got a ton of compliments from people on how much weight I've lost and on my hair and just in general on how I look and how great I must be feeling.

After Kung Fu, Son went off to his father's whilst Hubs, Baby Girl and myself went to the mall.

I ended up getting 5 shirts from Suzy Shier that were all 50% off (pics will be at the end of the post) and I picked up a new balance 3 Axis Pedometer (which I have to take out of the box and figure out how to set it up).

Hubs got a used copy of Beatles Rock Band for the Wii (but it's defective and they don't have anymore so we have to swap it for store credit, or another game or a Nintendo points card so we can DL some new songs for regular Rock Band).

We also bought the book, "Killing Affair" by David Wickes (who was in store and signed our copy of it to Hubs).  Apparently he started writing after he retired, he self-published his first book, had a publisher for his 2nd and then went back to self-publishing.

No idea if either of us will like the book but we thought - what the hell?

While we were in the mall, we ran into my sister-in-law and the youngest of nieces from my adoptive side of the family and they were complimenting me on how great I am looking (even since Xmas which we had at the beginning of January) re: my weight loss and my SIL and niece also really loved my hair.

Like I say, I am having a FANTASTIC self-esteem day!!!!

And now, PICS!!!

My hair (after 3 hrs at the mall)
Shirt #1
Shirt #2
Shirt #3
Shirt #4 - size MEDIUM!!!
Shirt #5


  1. Those tops are really nice! Well done!

    You have a lovely shape, and your bewbs are fabulous!

  2. You look fucken fabulous!!! OMG I love your tops, especially the black and white striped one...and may I just say, you have the nicest boobs I've ever seen! Add that to your list of greatness!

  3. LOL!

    Thanks ladies! I've always been fond of my boobs too! ;>

    And I'm glad you like the shirts, I was a little worried they might be "too young" for me...

  4. I wish I had arms like yours! I'm envious!

    I just have big fat nasty ones. GRRRR!

    My favorite shirt is the 3rd. Horizontal stripes are normally not flattering but it slims you down quite a bit!

  5. Normally I am iffy on prints, but #5 looks great on you!

  6. I am a fan of shirt #1 because I love that pink. PS - Glad I found another Grease 2 fan. I was starting to think I was the only one who loved Cool Rider. LOL!

  7. LOL - Hubs loves original Grease but, Maxwell Caufield was sooo dreamy back then!

    And yes, I want a COOOOOOOOOOOOOOL rider, a COOOOOOOOOOOOOOL rider!


  8. You look absolutely fantastic! I love shirtst 2 and 3 on you - you're totally rocking them both!!! WOWZA!!! :D

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  10. I love your arms too. Shirt #2 is my fav.

  11. Everything looks GREAT, but shirt #2 and shirt #4, Hubba-Hubba!!

  12. What a hot mama! Loving the hair and the clothes!

  13. Thanks for following my blog :)

    I particularly like the stripy and black tops. Well done on your progress so far! x

  14. They're real and they're SPECTACULAR!!