Thursday, March 24, 2011

Happy 1st birthday, Baby Girl (March 24th)

*This post was prepared in advance* <-- but I screwed up and published it earl... OH WELL!

Well, my EDD was first set at April 4th and then adjusted to April 3rd, my scheduled c-section was set for March 24, 2010.

It was SO MUCH better than my emergency c-section with Son. The worst part was that they blew a vein trying to get my IV in (took 3 attempts) and how badly I was bruised from the spinal (which I had them keep trying until they got it in - despite how much it hurt because I did not want to be put under).

The best thing in the world was when the OBGYN told me that I had a Baby Girl ("and she's peeing")!

Even though it seemed unlikely that I would ever have another child after Son... and especially so after our surprise pregnancy and miscarriage right before we had Baby Girl... I could not be more thankful.

As a child, I wanted to be a Mom more than anything.

In high school, I had decided that I wanted to have a girl, then a boy and then one more baby (hopefully a girl, though a boy would be OK). I was into older, classic names then... and thought I would have an Emily, an Edward and an Anne.

Thanks to Hubs having Step-Daughter, I do have my girl, my boy and my girl.

But this post is about Baby Girl so here come the pics!

My half-sis and S-Girl (who is Son's godmother)

Baby Girl's godmother, K

1G1D1Y and the hat she knit for Baby Girl

Son holding Baby Girl (with his godfather's help)

my spine, 3 days later
At home... still a little jaundiced

Kangaroo care (tucked in Mommy's shirt)


  1. First, can't wait for Thursday!

    Second, can you send me that photo? I have almost no before pics of me.

  2. Happy Birthday to your baby girl! My daughter is 15 months old now. It is funny how reading other people's birth stories or seeing their pictures take me right back to the day I had her.

  3. Happy birthday momma! Birthdays are as much for moms as they are for babies!

  4. Aww! Happy birthday to your baby girl! How exciting!

  5. Wow happy bday!!! Your baby is gorgeous. I stumbled across your blog and its so funny that we started at the same weight and are currently at the same weight!!! wow! Congrats!

  6. Thanks everyone (sorry I posted this a couple of days early).

  7. Aww!! A special Happy Birthday to Baby Girl, and I love the photos!