Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Blast from the past

Realized one of the women in my belly dancing class is a girl I knew in college 20 years ago.

She and I hung out back then but it was more because she and her friend were hot for my male bestie at the time.

I found it really strange because she knew me when I was skinny.

And yes, skinny was the word for me back then.

18-year-old me back in my college days... (with a perm)


  1. These pics are so cute!

    Do you know i had a dream about you last night! You invited me to hang out at your place and all the kids played in the pool together.

    Weird, but a nice dream all the same.
    I'd say it's still a bit cold round your way to go swimming ;)


  2. Those pictures are really cute!! And your perm didn't look too bad!


  3. LOVE that top picture of you! I had a perm, or four, back in the day and I didn't look nearly as fab as you did with it!