Friday, February 25, 2011

Women's Health Magazine - Blogs we love

Some of the bloggers I follow have mentioned this on their blogs and Hubs told me that he nominated my blog when he heard about it on Sunday or Monday (of course, since I frequently have sex with him -- I'd expect him to do something like that).

However; I don't know if multiple nominations are what people need so - just in case...

If you enjoy my blog, please nominate me (** please note, this does NOT mean that I will have sex with you - only Hubs gets that fringe benefit**)

To nominate my blog you will need to provide:

Your first and last name
Your email addy
My blog URL:
My blog genre:  weight loss
50 words or loss on why you love my blog.

Thank you for your support! :>

Since I am behind on my blog reading, I am not going to tag the others I know who are looking for nominations (in case I miss someone) BUT feel free to post in the comments if you are looking for nominations too.


  1. Ha ha, about not having sex with us (awww) - LOL. You are too funny. Yes, I will nominate you. Wouldn't it be great if one of us actually got on that Blog Roll?

  2. It would be pretty cool I think :>