Saturday, February 12, 2011

What is it with men? TMI sex post

Somehow, despite the fact Hubs and I rocked each other's worlds two nights in a row -- he's been Mr. Crankypants in the morning.

So, basically, he's not getting enough sleep because my sex drive is creeping back and we're enjoying it.

But really, are orgasms worth dealing with a cranky man in the a.m.?

I can make myself feel pretty damn good all by myself should the need arise and I am NOT cranky in the morning afterwards.

Sounds like a win-win solution for me and it would leave Hubs in the penalty box rather than somewhere far more fun.

I always sleep well after nookie.

You know how it's often portrayed in movies -- that the man rolls over and goes to sleep.  Well, in my life -- that's what I do (unless round 2 or 3 seems likely).

I wonder if he can't sleep afterwards?

Or is it  just the simple fact that I've always been more of a morning person (perky) than he is?


  1. I couldn't have loved this post any more, tee hee hee. A little self-love is NEVER bad thing.

  2. I really like the "penalty box." Poor tired guy. He didn't know what he was getting into when you started losing your weight :)

    Sleeping well is a beautiful thing especially for the mommy of a beautiful baby girl.

  3. Have nookie he can get a snack and rehydrate and maybe be less cranky! Or have morning nookie. :)

    I tend to attach him the moment he egts home (no kids to worry about seeing mommy jump on daddy's wiener at the fron door).

    Just ask him when's the best nookie time and negotiate. :D

    It's good for his prostrate and it's good for your woowoo , so find the good time.

  4. Morning Nookie = Gooooooddddddd

    Hee Hee

  5. Unless Round two or three seems likely??! Holy Cow, Mama.....I've got a new respect for you, indeed! lol

  6. Hehehe! Men! Mine cant sleep until he's eaten after nookie! No matter the time, day or night, he has to snack after sex!

  7. I think it's worth the cranky sometimes ;) Maybe try starting earlier if you can - that is what we had to do!

  8. LOL! Starting earlier is challenging as we have to wait till the kids are asleep!

    And I *hate* morning nookie... I really do - I've always been a night-time nookie fan.

    Or even in the afternoon but ugh - so not interested in it in the a.m. unless I haven't had any sleep and it's a continuation!

    Thanks for the comments everyone!


  9. Fun post! Maybe you should try this. Wait until about 3a.m. and then intiate it while he's asleep. In the past mine wouldn't remember a dang thing in the morning. Haha.. But it was sure (!!!) good. :)