Saturday, February 26, 2011

Getting ready for Dr. W

Have Baby Girl on my breast as I try to type.

Am to pick up 1G1D1Y in about 35 minutes for our appointments with Dr. W in Toronto this a.m.

I feel crappy - my head hurts, my sinuses feel clogged and my eye is itchy.

Taking a CLIF bar and a banana with me as potential snacks, not motivated enough to make hard-boiled eggs.

Hopefully my appointment goes well (I feel really comfortable with Dr. W which helps a lot!)

We aren't planning on hanging out there so I should be back at a decent time.

Having a small slice of whole wheat toast with a teaspoon of PB for breakkie.

No time for tea and Hubs left the travel mug (dirty) in the car actually, Hubs is bringing it in to wash it...


  1. drive safely and bring back good news!

  2. Here's hoping the visit goes well. We have a family naturopath in Toronto that we use, as well. Cheers, Rick