Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Day 215 of my journey to health... Another drop!

Let me preface this post with the comment that Hubs and S-girl say I should round this down...

(1G1D1Y - let me know what you think)

weight: 210.2 lbs!!!

I am all excited! 

It's not March 1st yet, so I still have a bit to ditch that last 0.2 (though this sort of thing can torment me with fluctuations... so let's hope I just get it gone ASAP!)


  1. Amazing! Congratulations! Super happy for you and hoping you can get rid of that last 0.2 in order to meet your goal!

  2. 210 sounds even...You are missing some fun..Join us...

  3. Thank you, Gini!!! :>:>:> I was just about to comment on your Tuesday 10 when I got my comment notification.

    @Allan - I can't eat consistently low calories (1200) because I am still breast-feeding Baby Girl. Thanks for the thought though :>

  4. I'd say that you are at 210. Yah!!

  5. YESSSSS!! YESSSSS!!!! That is just completely WONDERFUL!!! What a thrill! You have MUCH to be proud of! YAY!

  6. Well, to go against the grain... if you round down, you also must round up.

    when you hit 209.8 will you still call it 210?

    God, I'm a rain on the parade kinda gal, aren't i?

  7. WOw! You are INSANELY close to that magical sub-200 land! It must have been that piercing...keeping you from eating much, is it?

    Awesome weigh in!