Saturday, January 22, 2011

Weight update...

weight:  220.6 lbs

Not a lot of loss this week but I'm wondering if all the walking + the smidge of jogging/running is building some lean muscle mass for me??

We're kicking around the house atm... step-daughter is working on a speech for school.  Hubs is heating up soup.  Son is doing kung fu stances.  Baby Girl is chewing on her index finger.  I am blogging.

The kids really want to go to the track so I think tonight (if the kids are good) our whole household will go to the track.

Hubs can push Baby Girl in the stroller so I can go whatever speeds I am comfortable with and Step-Daughter will likely keep pace with her Daddy whilst I suspect Son will run around as fast as he possibly can for the first little while and then he'll likely keep pace with me.

1G1D1Y & M. are going too - though I don't know if they are bringing any of their kids along tonight.

Now if the kids start driving me batty - then they can stay home with Hubs.

Oh and Hubs said he was up to 184 the other day, but his weight frequently fluctuates.  Also, he doesn't follow portion control and such as much as I do.

I would LOVE to end up weighing less than Hubs and maintaining at a weight less than his.

That is the plan!!!


  1. One of my goals is to weigh less than my husband... I have about 10 pounds to go :-)

  2. Congrats on that loss! One of my goals is to weigh less than my hubby too. I can't wait for that day! :)

  3. It takes weeks to build up enough muscle mass to show on the scale. But you could be retaining fluid from all the working out! It will show up on the scale next week!

  4. In 20 years I never weighed less then Jim, for my Christmas present it happened. I am now 15 lbs less then Jim and in 8 lbs less then Mike (my son). I am excited for this to happen. Oh they are both over 6 foot and both pretty lean and me at 5'6" I'm not but still it's great to have that scale less.
    Good luck at the track. You are doing awesome.
    Take care and God Bless!!!

  5. LOL that's a goal of mine too. Weight less than hubby. That will be one of those milestone days.

  6. Me and you (and seems like every one else who commented) totally on the same plan. Weigh less than the hubs.. and stay there! :) we can do it!!

  7. A loss is a loss, good job getting down to 220! Cheers, Rick

  8. Ladies - I'm glad I'm not the only one trying to weigh less than my other half! :>

    And thank you, Rick!

  9. Aww I think it's great that your kids wanted to come along running with you! It's good when we can teach children to enjoy exercise. And I'm definitely on the wanting-to-weigh-less-than-my-other-half bandwagon!

  10. Emma - yes, I really want the kids to have a better attitude about healthiness and such than I did growing up!

    @Diandra - thanks!!