Monday, January 17, 2011

Walked the 5 k again

Tonight it was with 1G1D1Y & the marvelous M.

Did it in 53 minutes tonight.

I swear though, lugging around these boobs of mine is HARD!

I actually sent Hubs out to sang some A535 and I'm getting him to rub it into my back and shoulders tonight.

While we were walking the track tonight, I mentioned to 1G1D1Y what I really think was the big impetus for us to get healthier was something that happened last summer.

We were at Marble Slab Creamery (this decadent, devilish ice cream place) and while we were there - two women walked in who were about a decade older than us.  They were heavier than us but they really resembled larger, older versions of us.

She & I talked about how strange that was and we agreed that we didn't want that to be "future us."

And now, here we are 1/2 a year later and a lot healthier than we were then.


  1. If your breasts are causing problems, re-check your bra size and invest in really, *really* good sports bras.

    (Mine are tiny, and unless I wear a sports bra when running, my shoulders/back kill me.)

  2. I agree with Diandra. The right sports bra can make a world of difference. WAY TO GO on that exercise! You rock!

  3. Future us were scary. Glad we got a little taste of the future though, it was definitely a motivator. I hope those two ladies realize how unhealthy they are.

  4. Great time on the 5K. I was laughing about dragging the girls around...yep. I agree on the sports bar too. Some of them make you look like you have uni-boob, but does help keep them in place.

  5. You two are pretty awesome and I'm so glad you have each other to workout with....we have a similar store here called Stone Cold Creamery and I think it may be very similar to your Marble Slab; that place is killer for the diet but oh, so good. Keep up the good work - you're doing SO well!!