Wednesday, January 5, 2011

So, with everything going on lately I did not post anything reflecting on the year 2010

Let me take care of that now.

2010 was quite the year for me.

In January, I was cold and I was pregnant and I was worrying about everything someone who is pregnant while being morbidly obese could worry about.

In February, I was about the same as above, though heavier.

March was awesome though.  It was Step-Daughter's bday on March 5th

and on March 24th I had Baby Girl and that was amazing!

The next few months were just kind of a blur where I only lost 8 lbs from what I weighed on April 4, 2010.

Then Son turned 8 on July 13th.

Ten days later, I was lying in bed, trying to sleep and I just couldn't and that's when I came down to the computer and started this blog.

At that point in time - even losing 10 lbs seemed like a crazy dream but, I started making changes and I did lose weight.

From July 23rd - Dec 29th - I lost 56 pounds!! 

Yes, the year ended on a low note re: the fire next door and the smell in our unit and us having to be elsewhere for 5 nights BUT, that does not take away from the fact that I think I had an amazing year, overall.

We are just barely into January and I am back on track after the time away and I anticipate good things from myself, my life and the year.

How much do I want to lose in total this year?  I'm not sure.  I will say a minimum of  65 lbs to a maximum of 86 lbs.

There are 52 wks in a year (and this week isn't over) so that would be 1.25 to 1.65 lbs per wk if I plan for it to take a year.

And that is OK, but if I can manage the same range of loss as I did in the first part of my journey which (if I counted right) was 56 lbs in 24 weeks (or an average of 2.33 lbs per wk) I could do this as rapidly as 28 wks (for 65 lbs lost by July 15th) or  36 wks for 86 lbs lost by Sept 9th.

So the tricky part is this...

What time line do I put on my goals for 2011?

I am unsure that I can expect the same rate of loss per week as I started off with.

So here we go...

My goals for 2011

I plan on a 1.25 to a 2.25 lb loss per wk until I reach a size and weight I feel comfortable and healthy at and then from there - it will be maintenance.

  • By the end of the year a minimum loss of 65 lbs to a maximum of 86 lbs lost from today's weight of 225.2 lbs
  • I will record a weigh-in whenever I have a loss
  • I will record a weigh-in NO MATTER WHAT within 7 days of my last weigh-in even if I am at a plateau
  • I will track number victories based on every 10 lbs lost from my July 23, 2010 start weight of 278 lbs
  • I will keep blogging
  • I will keep logging my food
  • I will keep myself moving
So my next goal is 60 lbs lost from my July 23, 2010 weight aka hitting 218 lbs.  And that is what I weighed when I first met Hubs.  And it is 7.2 lbs away from where I am right now.  Hubs and I count our anniversary as the day we first "met" on POF.

Which was Jan 26th a few yrs ago.  We met in person for the first time on that Feb 2nd (see the pic of us with the flower in our mouths).

So - 218 lbs by Feb 2, 2011 -- here I come!!!


  1. Awwww... I LOVE that picture! SO sweet! :) And your 2011 goals sound very do-able. You'll be at 218 pounds in no time!

  2. I absolutely love your positive spirit throughout this whole fire ordeal. You will reach your goal and you'll have me as a cheerleader all the way until you do :)

  3. I totally see you reaching your goals for 2011. Love the picture of you and hubs!

  4. CONGRATS!! 56 pounds is fantastic!