Monday, January 31, 2011

It's been a bit of a month

Yes, I am going to take a reflective look at my month...

January and the year itself started off badly with us in a hotel due to smoke damage in our unit re: a fir next door.

Our contents insurance has a deductible of $1000 so we are out that $1000 - which sucks since Hubs lost his job a month after I had Baby Girl and we are surviving on his EI but if he doesn't have a job by the beginning of May - that is the end of his coverage and I am still at home with Baby Girl and with my anxiety and panic issues - I haven't held down a FT job in YEARS.

I've had some of my friends going through some transformative emotional and physical processes and I've been as supportive as I think I can be.

Nanny is still improving since her stroke, though that has been very stressful for all of us.

I've been dealing with some behavioural issues re: Son and his temper and also his impulse control.

I've been doing well on the Hate-loss challenge as well as getting back on track re: my own weight loss journey since I had that set-back at the beginning of the month.

Last night I got an email re: a group of women I've been friends with since I was pregnant with Baby Girl re: my presence (or lack thereof) in some of the online gathering places of the group and that I apparently do not participate enough for some of the people.

And since I have always participated for about the same amount of time - it seems rather fishy to me, but, frankly - why would I want to continue being a part of a group when some people are going to talk about me behind my back?

Some of the moms on the group are awesome ladies who are still on my FB and that's all good - but I will say that my feelings were still hurt by what happened since I know I've never done anything untoward to any of them - but, it is what it is.

It's left me feeling a bit moody - hence why this is my first non-photo post of the day.

Tonight I have part one of the re-scheduled Non-Violent Crisis Intervention training (which I was supposed to attend last year but they changed the dates and didn't let me know).

So I am looking fwd to that though I am feeling a bit panicked and stressed because we are apparently in for a hell of a storm and it's supposed to hit tomorrow but I have myself all cranked up because I am worried it could happen tonight while I am out.

Just call me Nervous Nellie.

I had a crap night's sleep with strange dreams...


  • I think I look pretty good today
  • for the 2nd day in a row I ran one full lap at the track
  • I have been to the track everyday for more than a week
  • Baby Girl is saying, "Mama" more distinctly AND blowing kisses and waving
  • Son should be grading for his orange belt in Kung Fu soon
  • Hubs and I love each other
  • I have great friends (irl and online) who support and inspire me


  1. You've got it going on. Awww, Baby Girl is saying sweet. Hope hubby gets a job soon. I'm in the same boat as you, except I am the one who works and my hubby is sick, so I hear ya.

  2. Wow, this post has a bit of everything. Im so sorry about the 1000 dollars and then the job issue. Ugh! Glad your grandma is doing better!! And I wouldnt want to be in a group either of people who are talking behind my back. thats shady and highschool. Yay to baby girl saying mama, I love it when babies blow kisses!! Its so freakin adorable!!

  3. It's been a tough month for you ... all in all, you have so much good going for you :)

  4. So let me get this straight... these women you know online have their panties in a knot because you are actually leaving your house, spending time with your friends and family... and not wasting your time online?

  5. @1G1D1Y - kind of I suppose... plus I don't hang out on instant chat.