Sunday, January 9, 2011

Be accountable to yourself - why does someone need to do it for you?

I am going to talk about one of the blogs that I read. 

The blogger has been extremely successful with their plan and has posted a number of challenges that many of my blog friends have also found success with.

This verbose blogger is the subject of a lot of blog chatter, most of it positive and some of it negative.

However, last year the blogger (whom I am not naming ) would frequently quote and link to other blogs and then add their own editorial comments in their own blog posts.

All that being said, what prompted this post was my confusion regarding the following...

People, by their own words, are apologizing to this blogger for not following the plan/challenge to the letter and I don't understand why they seem to be making that blogger the person they are accountable to.

Shouldn't your ultimate in accountability be to yourself?  Or perhaps I'm reading it wrong.

I applaud the blogger's success and the successes of other bloggers on that blogger's plan/challenge but I think it's a healthier mental attitude to be accountable to yourself.

If you aren't ultimately accountable to yourself, as your own final authority, how can you expect to continue losing weight and/or maintaining your healthier lifestyle changes in the long run?


  1. I couldn't agree more with you, FAB. I think it's true yes, that some people may need direction if they are confused or ASKING for guidance, but apologizing? Um, no. You're right. We have ourselves to answer to and no one else.

  2. I agree with you. Dieting, like everything else in life, is something a person should hold just themselves accountable for. I don't rely on every Tom, Dick, and Harry to get my weight off for me because it's not up to them - it's up to ME.

  3. Couldn't agree more! I dropped out of just about every single challenge (including the one you're referring to) because it was no longer benefiting me. We have to take responsibility for our own health. I think having a partner (and I do) is helpful for the days we struggle and just need someone to talk things through with, but only you are responsible for your successes or lack thereof.

  4. Excellent point. I think people get caught up in the excitement and the banter and lose track of themselves at times. Here's wishing them all success and the perspective that goes with it!

  5. I couldn't have said it better. To thine ownself be true - Shakespeare-Hamlet

  6. Some people need the shove from someone else, the "kick in the butt", as it is. I'd say as long as it works for them, fine. ^^