Tuesday, January 18, 2011

awards, tmi girl stuff, general thoughts and Fraggles

OK so my head and back are killing me...

I can't promise that this post will be strung together with any sort of meaning.

First, the lovely and verbose My Big Fat Super Super Obese Blog (soon to be: My Getting Skinny Super Super Teeny Weeny Blog gave me the stylish blogger award.  As I've already received it - I say thank you very kindly and again, invite those who don't have it to snag it out of my sidebar.

Though I have never received a Versatile Blogger Award or a Life Is Good Award (and there may well be other blog awards out there that I don't have) though I really don't write my blog for awards or even to have X amount of followers (I was pleasantly surprised to see I have over 100 followers now - and I appreciate all your comments!)

I blog because it's a good outlet for me.  For years I had a livejournal.  Then when I left Son's father, I abandoned my first LJ and started a new one but then I just strayed away from using LJ so much and I got into Facebook and then Blogger, but not as much as I am now - if you know what I mean... and Babycenter when I found out I was pregnant with Baby Girl.

I started my FIRST post-partum period today... ugghy!

After Son my period was back super-fast but I was actually hoping it just wouldn't bother coming back this time...


Now I'm watching the Dr. Oz ep we taped earlier.. the guest is some guy I've never heard of Dr. Joe Mercola.

I did my Wii Sports Active workout and I think I'll still be going to the track with the girls later.

I've still been kicking around the idea of doing a vlog but I'm still too nervous.

Oh and coolest of cool - I bought 3 Fraggle puppets today.

Baby Girl (who has EIGHT teeth now if I didn't mention it before - I can't remember) loves Fraggle Rock.

She first saw it on Teletoon Retro and then we bought the DVDs but I was astounded to find Fraggle Rock puppets!

So we have Red, Boober and Wimbley.

OK - Can't think of what else to say... ciao for now!


  1. I loved Fraggle Rock!!! Let the music play, Down in fraggle rock!! ;) You are such a cool mom!

  2. Congrats on the much deserved award, my dear! As for the vlog...you'll know when you're ready. (or you can make your first one about doing some ridiculous stunt like, oh I don't know, hula hooping? After that, it can't get much worse!

  3. Bless your heart. That first post-partum period is the WORST! Hope you feel better real soon. *BIG HUGS* Congrats on the award!

  4. The weather's brutal today. Barometric pressure and all. Everyone I talked to at the end of the day today had a headache.

    Keep up the great work hun.

  5. I've been contemplating a vlog too, but like you I've been nervous about it!

  6. Hey, I remember Fraggle Rock...singing the song now. Ohhh, I would love to see a VLOG and I'll get around to doing one one day. I need some inspiration though.

  7. Where can I get Fraggles? I love them, always have (same as my sisters), and the BF thinks they are hilarious (and creepy). The perfect bedside companion!