Monday, December 20, 2010

Honest Scrap award

From Nut in a Lifeshell.

How it was passed on to me may be a bit nontraditional but I do think that this award does tend to suit me and my blog.

OK, 10 honest things...

  1. I snore but I hate when Hubs snores and I will wake him up and then try desperately to fall asleep before he starts up again.
  2. I have a hard time disciplining the kids because sometimes their excuses/reasons really crack me up and I have to leave the room and laugh.
  3. I would always choose to have a pet cat over a dog.
  4. When I was a child, I thought I could see the sleep sand being dropped into my bedroom by the Sandman.
  5. I hate going to shopping malls at ANY time of year but especially now.
  6. I get afraid that I am being followed by random strangers when I am driving alone.
  7. I worked at a gas bar for almost 4 yrs and if a gas pump is properly calibrated I can always pump to an exact amount without programming the machine.
  8. I had a burner fire here once and when my fire extinguisher didn't work -- I googled how to put out a burner fire.  Thank goodness I had backing soda in the fridge!
  9. I have wanted to go get a professional massage for years but I don't out of fear that it would be like the episode of "Friends" when Monica got the massage from Phoebe.
  10. I sneeze REALLY loudly and it boggles me to be around quiet sneezers because it is so bloody foreign to me.


  1. ...and you totally deserve this award. You are one of the most refreshing honest posters out there :)
    Love number 9. That episode cracked me up. I have actually had a massage but it was more like I COULDN'T relax so I just kept laying there all stiff until it was over.

  2. Thanks Tina and thank you, Ellen!

    Though that's a shame that you couldn't relax and enjoy the massage...

  3. About #10.. ever tried looking up when you sneeze? I do that when I'm in public, because I'm a noisy sneezer too.. lol

    and I agree that you totally deserve this award.. :)

  4. @Sarah - does looking up actually help??? I'll have to try it!

    And thanks!