Friday, November 19, 2010

Owwie, owwie, OW! My boobs hurt!


I said it.

My boobs HURT!

Baby Girl has been very... shall we say... BITEY lately!

She's already horrible for pinching but add the biting on top and I am shocked that my girls are not black and blue!

When Son was breast-feeding (oh so many years ago) when he bit, I would say, "Ow! That hurts!" Then I would remove him from my breast and say, "No" in a stern voice.

He stopped.

Baby Girl looks at me, smiles and then LAUGHS.

Apparently I am raising a cute, tiny, 4-toothed sadist.



  1. Sounds like my youngest. She's almost 5 now and her devious side is not any better than when I was breast feeding her. Good luck with that.