Saturday, November 20, 2010

NSV - I fit into an old pair of my jeans (pics added)

I pulled out two pairs of old jeans from Reitman's and tried them on.

The size 14 pair did not fit (and I had Hubs take a photo of that but it shows to worst of my belly so I don't know if I'dd add it to this post later or not).

The other pair was size 16 and I am wearing them right now.

I also got a little crazy and tried on a size M top (which I am wearing despite it being tight) that I bought on sale once and never wore because I couldn't get it on.

It's not the most flattering fit at the moment but screw it -- I'm wearing it anyway!

OK here come some not so great photos - LOL! (The ones in my outfit of today would be better if I was wearing a bra, but I just threw my shirt back on after breast-feeding Baby Girl and skipped the bra)

I wasn't ready for the shot, but the one I am not posting looks VERY goofy because I was being goofy.

Look at my size 16 ass!

The 14s with the really embarrassing belly over hang


  1. Shopping in your own closet and fitting into formerly non-fittable clothes is the best danged feeling. Woo to the Hoo for you! :)

  2. you're so hot when you wear size 16 jeans and a medium top.

  3. Congratulations on your NSV.. now I can say that, thanks to you.. :)

    Fitting into things you weren't sure were going to fit is awesome!!

  4. okay, shoulda checked this entry before commenting about the goofy pic.. lol

    you look awesome! and just so you know, I can't even get my thighs in my size 14's yet (or atleast I think I can't.. maybe I'll find out tonight).. so the fact that you can fit them up, but can't zip is better than them not fitting at all.. :)

    Good job!

  5. I couldn't get the 14s past my thighs a couple of weeks ago...

    Thanks for the positive comments everyone!!!

  6. woot woot! those 14's will be baggy soon enough!

  7. Love it! So much fun movin' down the scales!