Friday, November 26, 2010

It's snowing outside

This Canuck is not a fan of winter. :(

Sleep is still an issue around here and I still feel rather icky, though marginally improved compared to yesterday.

weight:  233.0 lbs

We're supposed to pick up Step-Daughter after school today to bring her here for the weekend.  Since I am not keen on the drive out there and back in winter (since in ideal conditions and traffic it takes 2.5 hrs to get there from here) Son is staying home from school today because the plan is that we will all go in today since as winter really takes hold, Son and Baby Girl & myself will NOT go.

But we thought it would be good to go in this once before Christmas.

I have the Weather Network on right now.

Now I am re-thinking the decision to go in today because it sets off my anxiety.

Right now it is -3 degrees with light snow where we are... with cloudy flurries predicted for the rest of the day (maximum 5 cm predicted) I'll have to go to the Weather Network's website to see what it says about the town where Step-Daughter resides.

Hmmn wet flurries there.

What to do?  What to do?

Yesterday I discovered that Baby Girl is very amused when people are skipping.  Son is very good at skipping and when I was a kid, I was too.  I participated in the Skip-a-thons at school and things like that but now, I find it far more difficult.

Step-daughter is a very awkward skipper and apparently she comes by that honestly because Hubs is one of the worst skippers I have ever seen.  I love the man but seriously, I thought he was full of it when he told me how bad he was at skipping until I handed him the skipping rope and saw for myself!

Not sure how today is going to pan out... I guess we'll see.


  1. I hope you had a good day! How's the weather up there? Where I live (southern central IL), it's cold for here (mid-20s) but dry for now. People lose their minds here when it rains even a little bit.

  2. The weather here has been all over the place... snow, rain, a nice day, rain, snow etc...