Saturday, November 27, 2010

The crappy subject of constipation (pun intended)

OK this makes me crazy!

Since I had Baby Girl I have continued to have serious issues with constipation.  At least they are for me.  For years and years I had issues at the opposite end of the bowel movement spectrum - which was also icky!

But I really get upset and cranky when I am constipated. 

Of course, i haven't had my supplemental fiber the past few days because it makes my stomach feel a bit MORE off on top of me still feeling rather yucky.

I'll update my weight once I get things moving, so to speak.



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  2. Princess Dieter and Allan were a lot of help to me in this arena.

    You might try:

    Prunes, first thing in the AM.
    Magnesium Citrate (this really clears you out).

  3. Lots of fruit and lots of water - all natural, works well for me. Sometimes I get off track with those and I really regret it. But if I eat 4 servings minimum of fruit a day and drink at least 120 oz of water, I got no problem.