Thursday, November 11, 2010

I am grumpy today

Sometimes it is really hard being a Mom of a kid with autism.

Today was one of those days and that's all I feel like saying at the moment.



  1. Jayne, where is that bathtub with the calming salts? Can you get to it tonight?
    I worked as an aide to 4 autistic children over a span of 10 years. Two of them had a host of physical defects as well. Those kids were all some of the smartest kids I'd ever seen. The job was challenging. I'd come home emotionally drained, and that was just a day job. I know tired when I see it...hope you can get some rest tonight.

  2. I'm sorry that you had a rough day. Being a parent is a tough job, even on the best days.

    Try to take care of yourself, pamper yourself a bit, if you can. It will refresh and renew you.

  3. Hey lady,

    You should have called me last night! We could have gone for a late night walk to burn off some of that stuff. Hope today is better, I'm at the fair until 5, home after kiddo's ballet at 7

  4. Parenthood *is* hard as it is but add additional challenges and complications and yeah, you have my sympathies. Deep breaths. Hang in there. Hope today has brought some recuperation your way.

  5. Thanks everyone... I'm still cranky. Between behavioural stuff with Son and Step-Daughter, it gets tiring!