Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Finally a small drop

This cold has been kicking my ass.

My activity level has dropped overall, my water intake has dropped and my eating has been not so great nor on a regular basis.

This is the first drop I've seen since Friday.

weight::  232.6 lbs

But I'm very glad to see it.

I feel less congested this morning so maybe I'm on the mend?

update re: burlesque and belly dancing classes.

The schedule for the studio is up and, at present time, the burlesque class time doesn't work as it is on Friday evenings.  With Hubs picking up Step-Daughter every other Friday way out of town, I have to take Baby Girl with me to Son's Kung Fu class (which he has 2x per wk) so I can't do it :(

The belly dancing, I might be able to attend one of the 3 nights they have it -- the Tuesday evening because it's after Son will be home from Kung Fu class so Hubs can be home with the kids.

The problem is that 1G1D1Y cannot do any of the 3 nights listed.  If we can come up with 7 people minimum, we could have a private class but we do not have 7 people at this point.

But there's still time to see if we can sort things out somehow.