Monday, November 8, 2010

Blog Hop & I puked at Boot Camp

So yeah, I puked at boot camp tonight.

Felt bad and embarrassed but Michelle said that meant I was really working hard.

Had the modifications to the moves and I got some knees protection.


  1. Oh my goodness! I don't know whether to say good for you or I'm so sorry.. I think puking at something like that means exactly what Michelle said..

    I can imagine that everyone in class with you has had one of those moments, in class or not..

    :) The true test will be your next bootcamp.. You can do it!

  2. As I said earlier... puking during your work out is completely normal when pushing yourself past the limits.

    I think everyone but SM has done it there. The last session at least 1 person did during the workout and I know at least 1 other person AND I did it on the way home.

    You worked hard last night, you should be proud

  3. Did you puke "Biggest Loser" style :)

  4. ohmygod, I've never worked out so hard that I've puked. Respect. And a reminder of my eternal pansy-like-state. I'm a workout wimp.

    Keep going.