Sunday, October 24, 2010

Getting my 30 minutes in earlier rather than later

I am not good with exercising in the morning - especially with the lack of sleep happening in our home with Baby Girl lately.

I usually prefer to get in my exercise on the elliptical in the evening but I like to be alone and it's challenging to get Hubs to go upstairs with Baby Girl once Son is in bed because Hubs wants to look at sports-related things on the internet.

And I understand him wanting to do that - I spend a lot of time on weight-loss blogs and on and all of that while he's down here during the day doing whatever.

But I really need to devote time to my journey and I don't think he always understands how it all relates or how doing something for the betterment of my health and my life is different than him wanting to read baseball blogs.

Maybe it's not different and he's right and I'm wrong...



  1. I think you answered it best when you said that you were doing this for the 'betterment of your health'. Not to say that reading sports-related stuff isn't good for your husband's mental husband's way of unwinding after work is sitting at the computer reading stuff from NPR for an hour or so; and it is a good release for him - kind of 'clears the mind' I guess. But you are doing this for your physical health, mental health and emotional happiness. My husband always says, 'When Ellen's not happy, ain't no one happy.' Let your husband know that doing something that raises your self esteem is good for EVERYBODY in the house, not just you. :)

  2. Good point! And, I have to ask - what is NPR?