Sunday, October 17, 2010

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder part 1

OK so I still haven't found the blog that got me thinking about writing this very post. *Edited to add that it was the lovely Lyn and here's her post:

Previously I had mentioned what it was like at different weights and how I viewed myself.

When I was younger and had a figure and weight I'd now LOVE to have -- I thought I was huge, gigantic, even a behemoth.

After having Son, I could look back at my past self and want to do some serious kicking of my (then) tiny ass.

And it's true that the last time I lost a good chunk of weight, I really didn't see a big difference.

So here's my version of THIS WAS YOUR WEIGHT.

Let me start all this by saying I started out in this life (in 1972) as an under 4 lbs premature baby with a heart problem. And I had surgery when I was an infant to correct the issue.

I was a short, scrawny looking, physically weak kid.

This is me around the age of 10.

This is me getting ready for my Grade 8 graduation. I was 4 ft 11 and definitely under 100 lbs (in Grade 7 I was 74 lbs but there is no weight written on my Grade 8 School Days Trasures photo album page).

I didn't grow breasts until the summer before I started grade 9 so I ended grade 8 looking like I did in the above pic.

That summer I grew from 4 ft 11 to 5 ft 3 and when I started grade 9 - according to my School Days photo album - I weighed 100 lbs even.

But I had a large chest for my frame and an hour-glass shape and I still got picked on for a variety of things.

My name, my glasses, my teeth, my grades, my breasts (usually guys who threatened to "check" if I was stuffing my bra or not -- and I sure wasn't) and my weight.

A lot of the girls were taller than me so their curves looked more "normal" to me or many of them still had a leaner, less busty, less junk-in-the-trunk look so I felt fat because of the way the girls teased me but I would wear bare midriff tops or tube skirts and such because even if the guys were assholes, they at least didn't accuse me of being fat.

Age 16

I escaped high school having lost my virginity to an older boy who treated me badly but I moved on to college.

Age 18.

I'm now going to jump ahead a bit. in 1995, I went to a costume party - even though I was very self-conscious about my costume because I thought I had a massive pot belly.

Here's a pic of me in the costume. I was 23 years old, 5 ft 5 and 1/4" tall and I was 135 lbs:

To be continued in another post.

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  1. very interesting, can't wait for the follow-up!

  2. Oh, boy...reading this brought back some serious memories of my own past. I was pretty busty in high school - so much so, that instead of calling me by my name (Ellen) the guys thought it was funny to call me 'Melons' very clever of them.
    Looking forward to the next post....

  3. Oh, hey, that blogger who wrote about 180 pounds would be me :)

    Nice response here!

  4. I'll try to get the next part up tomorrow.

    And Lyn - thanks :> I edited my post to give you a link :>

  5. I was a skinny normal kid. I started putting on weight when I discovered beer.

  6. Teena - I didn't start liking beer much until I was older, hard liquor though is another story ;)