Monday, October 25, 2010

Balancing breast-feeding with healthy weight loss

OK, I know you aren't supposed to "diet" when you are breast-feeding and that you are supposed to eat approximately 500 more healthy calories per day.

That being said, when I was pregnant, I was told because I was obese that I didn't need to gain weight during my pregnancy and that, so long as I wasn't dieting, some weight loss would be acceptable.

Of course I did gain during my pregnancy (though not nearly to the amount I gained when pregnant with Son).

So now I am not dieting... but I am working on making healthier food choices, only eating when I am hungry and not eating when I am bored, stressed or angry and I am increasing my activity levels.

My family DR told me as long as I don't go under 1200 calories per day, it's OK.

Fatsecret says I should be consuming 2300 per day for "moderate" weight loss (1 lb per wk) but I think that estimate might be high.

Looking at my food diary my daily average intake is 1553 cals so far for October.  But I've had a number of high days and one day where I ate more than my RDI.

With some of the stuff that went on this month personally, it was a bit hard but I am committed and it's going to get better!

Hmmn, for August my average daily intake was 1790 calories.  And for September it was 1878 calories per day.

Maybe I'm not eating enough?

I have started taking MilkMaid Tea because I think I've been producing less breast-milk lately.

I should email my naturopath and ask for some guidance since I didn't think to ask about this yesterday.

I really need to write a list whenever I consult ANY professional because I always think of things I should have asked after the fact.

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