Monday, October 25, 2010

Added an image to the top of the blog - and it got me to thinking...

So I decided to add an image of me doing arm curls with my late, great, Fat Cat*. He passed away in Jan 2004 but is still the most awesome cat I ever owned.

I was about 200 lbs in the photo (not that you can really tell) but Fat Cat* was large.  At his highest weight he was almost 40 lbs.

Yet he had the same food as his sister (born from the same litter) and the same environment and she was quite a bit smaller than he was.

*BTW Fat Cat is not his real name, though it was one of his many nicknames.

Fat Cat* in 2002
Myself, Son and Fat Cat* Dec 2002

The funny thing is that Fat Cat was the runt of the litter.  And soft-hearted me got talked into taking two of the kittens instead of just the one.

Funny that he started off as a runt (just like I did) and ended up ginormous (see the parallels here?)

And his sister is smaller than he is (though they are the same age).

Whereas my younger sister is quite a bit smaller than I am but she's actually 8 years younger than I am.

The first time I met my biological family - Nov 1990

My Grandma, me, my birth Mom, my Grandpa and my half-sister.

My sister, our Mom and myself - Dec 1999

As you can see, my birth Mom has also had some issues with her weight.  Though she has gone up and down over the years.  

My sister has stayed slim and our Grandma has remained large.

I have my Grandma's body type, most weight gained on the bottom, while my upper body is closer to normal. 

 And I snapped this one of my sister and Baby Girl earlier this month.

See, she stayed slim (though she might get that from her father's side of the family.)

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