Tuesday, July 24, 2012

I need a new scale as my old one hasn't been working for awhile

I did weigh myself at a friend's house on Saturday though.

255 lbs.

So yeah.  Saturday was just under 2 years from when I started this blog and I boomeranged from the 278 July 2010 official starting weight to the low 204.2 April 2011 to the 255 July 2012.

Fuck me.

Let's not forgot my non-pregnancy 2010 high of 286 lbs.

so 2010 high = 286
          down     8 lbs
    2010 start = 278
         down 73.8 more lbs
     2011 low = 204.2
                up 50.8 lbs
current 2012 = 255 lbs

So, in the end I only managed to keep off a total of 31 lbs from my highest 2010 weight and 23 lbs from the weight I was when I first started this blog.

Do I feel like a failure?


Am I ashamed of myself?


Am I going to eat myself into oblivion?


I've gone through some serious depression and a recent new diagnosis that I am still dealing with and am on some different medications.

I am to stay away from cardio, like the cardiologist told me back in 2011.  Walking and swimming were the recommended exercises for me as well as weight training.

So, we'll see what happens.

I can't promise I'll post here a lot.

But I'll try to post once in awhile so you know I'm still alive.


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