Thursday, December 8, 2011

Are things looking up?

The good:

- Hubs started therapy this week
- I will be starting therapy on the 28th
- we are receiving some financial support (which also covers the cost of therapy)

Stuff in process:

- IPRC for Little Man

* this has been a source of frustration as we only have an IEP in place for him and as I understand it, an IPRC is necessary if we want to look into specialty educational programming. But I heard back from a nice woman at Developmental Services Resource Centre (DSRC) today and they meet on the 21st and I will be contacted after that about a service co-ordinator who could be someone to assist me with advocating for my son to get the whole process rolling.

The bad:

- though, as ever, there are some things that fall into "the bad" I'm not going to go into them as my mood has been very down and I'm actually feeling somewhat hopeful at the moment

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