Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Swimming lessons

Today is Baby Girl's first day of "Duck" swimming lessons.

from the activity guide:
To enter this level the toddler must be at least 16 months old and participate with one or both parents. Children will build confidence while enjoying the water through games, songs and active water play. Parents come prepared to demonstrate for your child. Please note Duck is determined by age. Your child may take this course several times. (Min 5- Max 11)

And then tomorrow is the first day of "Diaper Fit":
This registered waterfit program is designed for the busy mother/caregiver who finds it difficult to exercise while watching children. During this shallow waterfit class you will be positioned in the water with your baby/preschooler to provide the best possible workout using the resistance of the water. Each participant needs to provide their own flotation seat to place the child in during the class. An excellent,vigorous workout while watching your child! Due to age prerequisites you will register the child for this program.

I'm feeling anxious about being in public in a swim suit...

But I'll survive!

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