Thursday, June 2, 2011

Inspired by others

OK I just read a fantastic post by JP.

Why did I love it?  Because, as you all know - I take a LOT of photos but most of the ones of myself are face shots snapped by yours truly because #1 - I am the best person with a camera in the house and #2 - I think I look better from the breasts and UP rather than the lower parts of me.

I am dressed very casually today but Hubs complimented me on how I look.

All I see are my stomach and thighs, that my face is devoid of any makeup and that I need another haircut.

But - here's a pic of me that Hubs just took:

And now for two cute ones of Baby Girl:

Yesterday - managed to keep the hat on her head for the pic!

Speaking of Baby Girl - she had a baby carrot this morning (I grated it with the cheese grater) and that went over better than the cooked carrots re: enthusiasm while eating.

Hubs has his interview in just under 3 hrs... I really, REALLY want him to kick ass at the interview and get the job.

It's 8-5 from Mon - Fri.

That's ideal re: the kid weekends and it's right across the street from Son's Kung Fu Academy.



  1. How did the interview go? I've been sending you good job vibes since your last post! lol
    Just wanted to tell you I think your baby girl is absolutely adorable... and YOU are looking mahvelous!

  2. Hubs thought it went really well but the person still had other interviews scheduled but he'll hoepfully be making his decision by the end of next week so we definitely appreciate the continued good vibes!

    Also, thank you for the compliment re: me and for the one re: baby girl (And yes, we think she's pretty adorable too!)

  3. awesome picture!! although you more than most are willing to take the pictures(goal pants). I'm crossing fingers and toes for the hubs.

  4. You look awesome honey, as usual. BTW, I just LET you think you are the best photographer.