Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Mother's Day!!!

Here is a pic of me with both of my Mom's from May 2001 (when I married Husband v1.0)

Well, Hubs gave me a "to my wife on Mother's Day" card as well as a "To Mommy from Baby" card from Baby Girl.

Son phoned from his Daddy's house early this morning (and is being dropped off at my birth Mom's this afternoon).

I heard from my 3 BFFs (went shopping with S-girl) and in about 15 minutes, Hubs and I are taking Baby Girl and picking up my sister and her fur-baby dog, Zack and we're going to my birth Mom's.

I took Son to see Thor at the theatre on Friday afternoon and he loved it.  I thought it was pretty good.

Last night Hubs went to the movies with K. & her good friend D. and they saw Fast Five.  Not my sort of movie so Baby Girl & I hung out with one of my sweet, fun and rather flamingly gay friends.

I did have to hear about a medical procedure he had to remove a benign lump - but other than that - we had fun :>

I have to say that Mother's Day can be so tricky for me... being a Mom, having had 2 Moms with only one still living...

I also have to check a video I made when I was out shopping with 1G1D1Y yesterday - if the sound is good -- I'll try to post it later.

What else?

Oh, the people I know of with heart disease in my family are my maternal grandfather, maternal uncle (both have had heart attacks), my maternal grandmother has an irregular heartbeat and then my birth father, 2 of my living paternal uncles and one paternal uncle who died of a heart attack.

But they are (were) all smokers and drinkers.

So I'm trying to be less nervous about my test on the 24th.

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