Tuesday, April 19, 2011

What message is the universe sending to me?

Alright so you may recall that Hubs lost his cell phone (it's still missing) and that I lost my camera battery charger (which has since been found) and my pedometer (which seems to be long gone) and now, I've lost my car key.

So, I drive a PT Cruiser. It has two locks. One on the hatch and one on the driver's door. However; the only one that works is the one on the hatch. As well, I have (had) two key fobs. One which works and one which even after a battery change does not.

Guess which car key I lost??

Yep, the one with the functional fob.

Now if you spoke to people I know well in my life, they would tell you that although I sometimes seem to misplace things - it is rare that I actually lose things.

They could also attest to the fact that in the midst of a bunch of disorder, I often can come up with exactly what I am looking for with no seeming rhyme or reason.

So why in the world am I losing things now?

I really think there is a message/meaning within this to me from the universe but I do NOT know what it is.


Edited to add, I googled "if I am losing things, what is the universe trying to tell me" and here are a couple of the links I found:




Then narrowing it to pages from Canada, here are some more...






Now on top of that - last night I had a bizarre dream where John Travolta & Blair Underwood were trying me to accept a contract to have a baby with one of them.

(And I'm not attracted to either of them).


  1. My mama said I lost my memory when I lost my weight. How they are connected is beyond me but I am misplacing things a bit more then usual. Just a thought from my mama.
    Take care and keep up the great work. God Bless!!

  2. I lose things all the time! Well misplace....I say it's from the baby. I just slowly go through the house and check everywhere!