Tuesday, April 5, 2011

The way things fit

OK so seeing JP aka PriorFatGuy's post with his "goal shirts" the other day made me realize that I hadn't yet taken a snap of my next pair of goal jeans (another pair passed along from the continually slenderized S-girl).

Here's the amusing part... the previous goal pair (which fit now), the new goal pair and the pair I am wearing today are all labeled size 14.

But check this out...

First, the new goal jeans:

Next - my Reitman's size 14s:

(Had to make myself black and white because I was just out of the shower and my skin was still pretty flushed...)

And then the previous goal jeans which I think I last mentioned in this entry...

But see, all three pairs are size 14... and yet, look at the differences.

The only thing that might have been wiser for these pics would have been if I picked a shirt that actually fit me (this one is still a bit too small for where I'm at after c-section #2 and the extra belly fat but it is one of my old faves!)

Oh and as proof that the shirt has looked better before... (but those are my old fav size 18 jeans from Reitman's I'm wearing in the 2005 photo, strangely enough)

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