Sunday, April 3, 2011

under the weather today + a vlog from Hubs + a poem

I am sporting a low-grade fever today.

Spent large portion of the day cuddled up with Son and Baby Girl watching BTVS and Angel on DVD.

Oh and running to the bathroom - which was not of the fun.


To top it all off - we've got a bunch of snow outside AGAIN so once Hubs finally made it home from dropping off Baby Girl - he took the dog for a walk and decided to do a vlog for my blog... I'll add it once youtube processes it (though it says that's going to be an hour so I might add it tomorrow - who knows?)

And I do still want to try to do a poetry entry for today re: National Poetry Month


A cold kiss
promising nothing
neither love nor warmth
only acknowledging
that she remains

Long, icy fingers
connected to pale hands
spread a thick blanket
over the ground
masking dirt with beauty

The White Queen
smiles in silence
Knowing that she
has yet to be

© C. D. Hackett 2011

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