Wednesday, April 20, 2011

So exhausted

I really don't know what is wrong with me... if Hubs and I had actually had any nookie lately I'd be a little concerned because I am SO EXHAUSTED and my period is late.

However, we have NOT had nookie since the last time I mentioned it in my blog. Yep, no wonder we've been grumpy around here.

But I did go out yesterday morning with K. to continue our Couch to 5K goal. So we are on week two of the training.

I am really noticing what a difficult time I am having breathing when I am doing any form of exercise and am really starting to wonder if I may require an inhaler or something.

What else?

Gotta go see my birth Mom today and get her to do our taxes for us (did I mention that math is not my friend?).

Going to try to upload a video that Hubs took on his digital camera (my old one) of Baby Girl. (I was in a big fluffy housecoat because I had just had a bath.)

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