Saturday, April 2, 2011

It's been awhile since I've mentioned it but Day 254

I'm a little behind where I want to be at this point, but overall - I can't really complain.

After all, let's remind ourselves where I was on Sunday, April 4, 2010...

I wonder if I should grab the tripod and the kids and go try snapping some pics in that same spot today (since tomorrow Hubs is driving Step-daughter home)...

No promises but IF I decide to do it and we get a decent shot -- I'll edit this entry to add one.

But still from 286 (and I wasn't counting anything past the decimal point back then) to my current 204.2 lbs -- WOW!

One of my neighbours stopped me today when I was taking Baby Girl for a walk and she wanted to chat a bit and she complimented me on my weight loss and said I was doing amazing and that I "look so skinny."

I thanked her and then told her I still have a fair amount to lose (minimum is to get to 178, but I am still looking at 160 as a goal to see how I feel and then decide whether or not I am happy there or if I need to go down some more).

She seemed surprised and cautioned me against getting "too skinny."  Which I found surprising because she is really, really thin.

Have any of the rest of you started getting feedback like this?  I was surprised because I could see people saying that once I am sitting around 160 but I never even expected to hear something like that before breaking into ONEderland...

OK, next topic... I think I mentioned on here that I wasn't overly happy with how I looked in pics from Baby Girl's bday party.

Step-Daughter asked if she could have the shirt I wore that day when she overheard me telling Hubs i didn't think I'd wear it again.

She's wearing it today and look at how pretty she looks!

It looks much better on her than it did on me.  Here, you can even compare...

See what I mean?

And she's using a cute little scarf she picked up at Dollarama as a belt.

I think there really is something to be said about looking good translating into feeling good because look at her smiling :)

Other than that -- not much going on at the moment.  Hubs and I are skimming through the Blue Jays game from last night (we PVR'd it) to see the Jays slaughter the Minnesota Twins 13 - 3.

The older kids are (allegedly) working on tidying their bedrooms and Baby Girl is asleep on Hubs' lap.

I think I am going to go hop into the shower before we all have a late lunch and then, maybe go snap a photo to contrast with the one I posted from last year...

Have a great day, everyone!!!

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