Wednesday, March 16, 2011

What a day!

It's not even 1 p.m. and Son is being a giant P.I.T.A.

I know he has autism and I know he's a kid but even when I ask him to do as he's told and not argue, he argues.  Then I tell him and he argues then I remind him of the consequences of not doing what I've said and he STILL argues!


And then I've got Baby Girl, with one molar through that I can see... crappy sleep for days and a massive headache.

My mood has taken a sharp downturn re: Son's behaviour and it's times like this where it is the hardest for me not to stuff my face...



  1. I know your pain. My son at almost four can drive me crazy like no other. Today before 7 am "You will not make cupcakes with mommy for your party if you don't start listening" and my daughter who is one at the end of the month has been a hot mess. I am thinking of calling out of work someday and dropping the kids off at daycare and spend the day alone! Good luck and hang in there

  2. At first I thought, I like Pita...ohhhh, I get it. Poor you, sounds like a stressful day. Do hang in there. Tomorrow will be better!

  3. I'm sure the Queen's attitude will be better tonight. I brought home pizza for dinner, and after complaining last night I was feeling that I needed a break from looking after wee girl quite a bit, I "let" her go out tonight (she doesn't need my permission) :) to a lecture by one of the writers and producers of her favourite TV show at the University. She was pretty tickled about it. She's lucky to have me....I'm probably going to get killed for that..