Sunday, January 23, 2011

Worked out AND did my 5k later on

So today -- what a day.  Seemed to be a bit of an emotional day for some of my friends as well as myself for various reasons.

Hubs was glad that Nanny is improving.

I was feeling a little alone and left out of things outside of my family and my weight loss journey to health.

A couple of other friends were having some self-esteem issues re: their own journeys.

There's been introspection, depression, lack of motivation, grumpiness, determination, LOVE, and friendship all within my own home today.

Is it the moon?

Is it something in the air?

Is it my damn hormones?????

No one knows.

Oh and there was some serious anger and righteous indignation while we were out at the track tonight thanks to a complete asshat.

What am I missing?

But anyways - despite my mood - I spent some time with some friends.  I did my EA Sports Active workout.  I also did my 5k at the track tonight AND

I jogged/ran for 3/4 of one of my laps without stopping!!!

Of course, that sort of did me in re: some evil shin splints but holy crap!!! I was awesome!

Am waiting for my hard-boiled egg to become hard-boiled... I really should have made it before I went out... damn it - I'm hungry NOW!!!

Sorry I haven't done a lot of blog reading today... if I've missed anything major - please tell me!

Edited to add:

S-girl brought over my "stress cupcake" for me today - it was this wickedly awesome and funny in-joke and I was whining about forgetting it there on Boxing Day and each time we've been there since - I never think of it until I'm back home.

So now Hubs has to beware because I told him if he irks me too much, I'll throw it at his head (same idea as those old "tv bricks" ppl could buy).

But Son thinks it's really cool and he was squeezing it earlier in the evening and then Baby Girl really wanted it and then she dropped it and it scared the cat so the cat attacked it.

Then we gave it back to Baby Girl and we realized that due to the shape, she seemed to think it was a portable breast and she popped it in her mouth as if she was nursing and then started squeezing the sides like she was trying to speed up the milk.

It was pretty funny - so now I am nursing while editing the entry to add that lil story...


  1. Holy shiz woman you are tough! Work out and a 5k? Crazy awesome.

  2. That's great about your workout!

    These pics are great! That's hilarious!

  3. Thanks Dani!!!

    @BWaB - I laughed my ass off (too bad it couldn't be literally *wink*)

  4. I am so laughing at the cupcake/boob confusion issue. TicTac would have nursed until she went to college. Natural weaning period? As if.