Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Looking over my food log + tangent = underthings photo

OK so if you've been on my blog for awhile, I am sure you are aware that I am still nursing Baby Girl (though she is also eating some baby food too).

I thought I'd look over my average daily calories by month and summarize it here.

For August 2010 - Daily Average: Food: 1790kcal (Fat: 63.93g, Protein: 85.19g, Carbs: 226.25g)
For September 2010 - Daily Average: Food: 1878kcal (Fat: 67.11g, Protein: 90.80g, Carbs: 235.61g)
For October 2010 - Daily Average: Food: 1647kcal (Fat: 58.75g, Protein: 80.34g, Carbs: 207.59g)
For November 2010 - Daily Average: Food: 1621kcal (Fat: 62.11g, Protein: 77.72g, Carbs: 195.22g)
For December 2010 - Daily Average: Food: 1681kcal (Fat: 67.77g, Protein: 75.57g, Carbs: 213.79g)

For January 2011 (so far -- except for the 4 or 5 days in the hotel)  - "Daily Average: Food: 1584kcal (Fat: 60.10g, Protein: 68.37g, Carbs: 202.42g)"

*edited to add January's totals on Feb 2nd*
Daily Average: Food: 1636kcal (Fat: 62.41g, Protein: 72.09g, Carbs: 211.82g)

I do my best to track all my food but I only track deliberate exercise, if you know what I mean -- any shopping over 15 - 20 minutes and then my walking, my workouts that sort of thing but I don't track regular day-to-day stuff like laundry or child-rearing etc...

That actually looks better than I thought re: my protein consumption as Dr. W wants me to have 75-90 grams of protein daily.

But again, those are what my monthly averages are.  S-girl picked up more of my protein powder for me while she was out today and I tossed her the cash for it so I can get back into the habit of my shakes as I've been slacking in the fruit department a bit (aside from apple slices).

I feel cranky and tired today - am wondering if it's because I haven't had ANY green tea today -- oh crap, and I haven't had my vitamin D or my b12 or my iron yet -- the day kind of got away from me today.

It's been 4 yrs since Hubs and I first met in cyber-space though.

So that's the nicest thing I can say about today, followed by a quick trip to the store with S-girl so I could look for some sports bras that would hold me in better (no luck with my low budget) but I did get two new (and smaller) pairs of pants so hopefully the next time I run, job or "wog"  - I don't need to hold my pants up.

And since Hubs won't likely read this until maybe tomorrow or Thursday - I did get a cute pair of panties and a matching bra.  Decorative only because, frankly, the bra (38DD) barely contains the girls but that was the largest size they had where we were shopping, especially in anything I would consider to be remotely "sexy".

*innocent look*

I am NOT going to model them on the blog but here's a pic of the items...


  1. woop woop! you go girl!! Those are some sexy "underthings".. :)

    Hope your hubby loves them..

  2. Verrrrry nice. *wink* And I'm sure your hubby will go ga-ga over it.

  3. Thank you - let me just say that Hubs *really* enjoyed seeing me in something sexy.

    I seriously think that's the first time since I gained all the weight that (and now lost a bunch) that I've bought anything like that.

  4. Those are really nice! Being a nursing mom sexy undies rarely make the radar