Thursday, January 27, 2011

Hate-loss challenge update & NSVs

So, I guess my post about this will largely be the fact that I bought a sexy bra and matching panties yesterday to wear for Hubs last night since it was our anniversary.

First time I've worn something sexy in a few years.

I bought two new pairs of exercise pants yesterday - size LARGE since my XXLs and my XLs keep falling down.

And I was also able to wear Hubs winter jacket ZIPPED UP!!!  When I bought it for him a couple of months ago, I couldn't come close to zipping it up.

I think, overall, my mood is better and more positive.  I did have a tough time when trying to find some sports bras that I would like and that would really cut down on the "movement" and I am still SOL on that front.

Although being positive about MYSELF does not come naturally to me -- it is getting easier.

And I am getting a lot better at accepting compliments.


  1. This is awesome, FAB! Your progress just keeps amazing me. When I started reading you several months ago I had no idea you'd come this far so quickly. Thank you for participating in my Challenge for the month. Having great, supportive friends like you has made all the difference in getting through this Challenge myself. XOXO

  2. AWESOME! Those are some fabulous NSV's, hon! Congratulations! :)

  3. It takes time to change and you are doing a fantastic job of it.

  4. Hey did you try Addition-elle? I found my sports bra there and I have rather large girls!!!

  5. Keep up with the positive attitude! You're making such progress! As for a sports bra, I can never find 1 that gives me enough support so I always double up. I have heard that the ta-ta tamers from lululemon are outstanding, but they're $50...which is a little steep for me!

  6. Woot woot - sexy undies. Good for you and the better mood - Priceless. That's what I'm loving right now, a better mood, happier.

  7. Surprisingly I got an especially restrictive sports bra at Victoria's Secret... Who knew?!?!

    Polar's Mom

  8. Good luck with the sports bra! Still looking myself!

  9. A sexy bra and panties. Hmm, will that be part of the 30 days of photos? (kidding) Congrats, it must feel great. Cheers, Rick

  10. Like everyone else, I am amazed by your progress. You've worked so hard, really it's just awesome!

    I did receive your message last night and want you to know I'm not ignoring it. I just haven't had a chance to sit down and write back.

  11. Hey Beautiful, and I call you that because I can't find your name anywhere and what your doing is inspirational to a lot of us!! I was sent here by your nutty husband, I look forward to following your journey and 30 day challenge! -Mel

  12. Hi Melissa! And that's true -- I do not use my name anywhere on here - so I just go by FAB for now.

    I'll have to come check out your blog...

    Gini - I got the article I sent you on Twitter after I'd posted on your blog - I thought it was odd that it happened that way

    Thanks Teena! :>

    Rick, LOL!

    BWaB - thanks, and good luck on your hunt too!

    Polar's Mom - I've never shopped there but I think they are in Canada now...

    Darla - thank you! :>

    ahealthybelly - that's pricey to me too!

    Sarah - I bought a bra there yrs ago but it sucked.

    Pam - thanks! I'm just trying to keep pace with you ;>

    Diandra - Thank you :>

    Stephanie - thanks!

    Ellen - thanks for having such a great challenge and for being such a supportive friend here in the blogosphere! :>