Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Awesome weight update + "The Freakishly Uncoordinatedness of ME" aka the dangers of weight loss

First of all...

weight: 217.0 lbs

I even took a pic of the scale this morning on my 3rd check to make sure that number was right...

 (it's blurry because the it showed up better without using the flash).

 So here's a reminder of the weight loss goals I have achieved thus far based on my 278 weight as of July 23, 2010

Goal 1: lose 10 lbs by Aug 23, 2010 - CHECK
5% of my July 23rd weight lost = 264.1 lbs - CHECK
Goal 2: get to 265 lbs - CHECK
Goal 3: get to 258 lbs by Sept 11, 2010 <-- CHECK as of Sept 18th, 2010
Goal 4: total weight loss at least 23 lbs by Sept 23, 2010 - CHECK
** 10% of my July 23rd weight lost = 250.2 lbs - CHECK
Goal 5: get to 249 lbs by Oct 11, 2010 - CHECK (248.0 actually)
Goal 6: total weight loss at least 33 lbs by Oct 23, 2010 - CHECK (exactly 33 lbs lost since July 23rd)
Goal 7: get to 239 lbs by Nov 11, 2010 - CHECK 239.0 lbs as of Nov 9th, 2010
**15% of my July 23rd weight lost = 236.3 lbs (lower than I was when I first met Baby Girl's godparents in the summer of '07) - CHECK 236.0 lbs as of Nov 19, 2010
Goal 8: total weight loss at least 43 lbs (I'd be 235 lbs) by Nov 23, 2010 - CHECK 234.0 lbs as of Nov 21, 2010
Goal 9: get to 229 lbs by Dec 11, 2010 - CHECK 229.0 lbs as of Dec 10, 2010
**50 lbs of my July 23rd weight lost = 228.0 lbs - CHECK as of Dec 16, 2010
Goal 10: total weight loss at least 53 lbs (I'd be 225 lbs) by Dec 24, 2010 - CHECK 224.4 lbs as of Dec 27, 2010
** 20% of my July 23rd weight lost = 222.4 lbs - CHECK 222.0 lbs as of Dec 29, 2010
60 lbs lost from my July 23, 2010 weight = weight of 218 lbs by Feb 2, 2011 - CHECK 217.0 lbs as of Jan 25, 2011

My upcoming goals are:

Move from Severely Obese to Obese = weight of 210 lbs by March 1, 2011
**25% = 208.5 lbs (10 lbs lower than I was when I met Hubs in Jan '07) by March 10, 2011
70 lbs lost from my July 23, 2010 weight = weight of 208 lbs by March 11, 2011
ONEDERLAND!!!! aka 79 lbs lost from my July 23, 2010 weight = weight of 199 lbs (lower than I was when I married my ex) by April 11, 2011
80 lbs lost from my July 23, 2010 weight = weight of 198 lbs by May 11, 2011
**30% = 194.6 lbs by May 24, 2011
90 lbs lost from my July 23, 2010 weight = weight of 188 lbs by June 11, 2011 **35% = 180.7 lbs lowest long-term goal set by my naturopath by July 11, 2011
Move from Obese to Overweight = weight of 180 lbs by July 13, 2011
100 lbs lost from my July 23, 2010 weight = weight of 178 lbs by July 23, 2011
**37% = 175.1 lbs current long-term GOAL
**40% = 166.8 lbs
**45% = 152.9 lbs current DREAM goal
Move from Overweight to Normal = weight of 150 lbs
**50% = 139 lbs (unlikely but I thought it would be nice to end the list at 50%)

Now, on to the freakishly uncoordinatedness of me aka the perils of weight loss.

So, I haven't been spending much re: new clothes because things are tight financially around here.  Well, I may have to consider it.

I was walking up the stairs last night and my PJ bottoms started to slide down and I didn't notice and I managed to catch the big toe on my left foot in the bottom of my right PJ leg and tripped myself and fell.

Of course, I fell bad leg first against the stairs.  Yep, that's right.  Landed on the leg I fell on last week outside on the ice of the rec center.

Check out my knee NOW...



  1. That is very impressive, and very inspiring, THANKS

  2. Congratulations!!!!

    Well, on the weight loss anyway. Not the fact that you banged up your knee...

  3. Thank you, Allan :> - also, that was a really nice comment you made on 1G1D1Y's blog the other day.

    Gini - LOL! Thanks and yes, I guessed you weren't referring to my poor, banged up knee. When I ginally made it to the bedroom last night I was laughing because I was embarrassed as well as crying because it hurt - Hubs didn't know what to say!

    Though he did give me a nice foot rub to make me feel better :>

  4. Oh man! That looks sore!

    Good luck on the WI!

  5. Great job on the continued weight loss, and reaching another goal! Keep up the great work! Cheers, Rick

  6. Oh, that bruise looks mean!

    And congrats on burning down the scale...woo.

    I can't wait to see 216 on my scale (you're almost there), caues that's when I come out of severely obese and hit "obese". One of my mental milestones. 12 pounds to get there. Oh, yes!

    Let's keep at it. Heal up and get stuff that fits, even if it's from friends/other weight loss bloggers. I know some have done the clothes merry-go-round thing. I have 3 big lawn and leaf bags of too big clothes to donate. And more bagso n the way as I declutter.


  7. Congrats on the weight! If you can find the money, get some clothes! You deserve it! I bet when your clothes fit, you won't fall on the stairs!

  8. Wow look at all those goals crossed off-that is FREAKING AWESOME! Good for you! I have been buying cheap stuff off ebay for my in between sizing-a $2 shirt here and $10 jeans there...works great in a pinch!

    Polar's Mom

  9. Ouch! Hope your knee will be okay.

    Holy mackeral, you really know how to set goals and them jump right in and achienve them. I'm totally impressed. What a great role model you are.