Sunday, January 16, 2011

Attempting to put a poll in an entry (blog comments)

Please vote in this poll. And if you have additional comments, comment on the post.

Thank you.

You go to your design blog, add a gadget in the sidebar, slect the poll, fill out all the details, save it, view your blog, then "view source" -- find the html code for the poll, copy and paste it into your blog entry and then go back and delete it from your sidebar.


  1. Cool, I'll have to do a poll too. That was kind of fun. I voted for posting with no moderator approval and no word verification but unfortunately I have "someone" who like to come and put nasty things on my blog so I have to go with the approval, unfortunately.

  2. I voted for the last option because I read a lot of blogs, and so I like the quick commenting features. :)

  3. I have trouble with commenting so I don't comment as much as I would like to. I have problems with the word verification thing, it doesn't show up on my screen. Then when it asks me if I want my name to appear a certain way, I ALWAYS have to change my name there, then finally I can see the word verification thing so I do that, THEN I have to change my name AGAIN....blogs without word verification are easier for me to comment on, but I understand why they use it (I do, too!).

  4. see? I typed my name wrong. oops!