Wednesday, January 19, 2011

5 k in 51 mins - and I ran/jogged for 1 k of it!

me waiting for the girls to pick me up

OK so, despite being incapable of jogging/running, BREATHING and talking -- 1G1D1Y managed to get me to run for 1 k of our 5 k today.

No, not one whole k of running -- if I'd tried that - you'd see Hubs posting on here that something unfortunate had happened to me - but we ran part of every other lap and then a bit on each of the last ones.

And tonight I did NOT have to use one hand to hold up my pants and the other to hold my boobs (even though there was major boob floppage despite the fact that I was wearing TWO sports bras!)

Though on the walking bits, I was slower because I did not remember to take any Tylenol or Motrin for my female stuff and my damn knee hurts more (and is more colourful) than it did/was yesterday.

All in all though - I am pretty proud of myself!

And tonight I did not notice my thighs slapping together as if they wanted to do a Thigh 5 instead of a High 5 - but I swear it happened last night and I'd even told 1G1D1Y that I was going to blog about it - then I ended up forgetting to.

Oh and earlier today I went to see S-girl and she passed on a pair of jeans to me that are too big for her.

They are 14s but don't fit like the two pairs of 14s that I own and can wear so I have a new pair of jeans to make short-term goal jeans...

It makes me really self-conscious to post unflattering pics of myself but I really do try to keep things honest and real around here so...


Short-term goal jeans pics


  1. Nice hustle to get that much mileage in. Way to go! Oh, and thanks for the walking club suggestion - I'll look into it. Cheers!

  2. Great job on the 5k!!! And the jeans, hey you got them up so that is great, I always consider it a victory if I can pull them over my thunder thighs!

    Polar's Mom

  3. You and H are really kickin these winter workouts! I wish i could get out every night, but it's just proving impossible for me to get a babysitter every day. I'd love to have a friend like you close that i could team up with.

    Ps, i think it's good to have a short term goal- go for it and you'll be posting pics of those jeans buttoned up in NO time at all!!


  4. Way to go on that exercise, hon! You're just rockin' right along. :) SO proud of you! You'll make that goal - no problem!

  5. You are awesome! I haven't even attempted to do a 5k yet.. and congrats on getting in under an hour. :)