Tuesday, December 7, 2010

You're so full of "it"


So yeah, I heard a lot of that growing up, though it was meant in jest.  The one I heard the most as I got older was, "You are so full of IT (or "shit") that your eyes are brown."

Yep.  They are.

There is one of my eyes (though there is excessive flash in the shot) and my very unkempt, un-waxed, un-plucked eyebrows.

Though I've always liked my eyes.  I like the amber colour that appears with the brown rather than my eyes being a solid brown.

Both of my kids have their fathers' eyes.  Son has ex-husband's eyes and Baby Girl has Hubs' eyes (even though I keep telling her that maybe her eyes, as beautiful as they are, could change so she looks SOMETHING like her Momma!)

But where was I going with this post?

Oh yeah... being full of "it."

I am so sick of not having regular bowel movements.  I think it's because I take extra vitamin D as well as extra iron and b12.

I seem to recall reading that some of those can lead to constipation.

But I am deficient in those areas and I have pernicious anemia so I'm kinda stuck with the supplements.

I do take Benefibre and sometimes Herbulk to help get things moving, but it's still a challenge.


I weighed in this morning - no change from yesterday but also no bowel movements so far today either.

I have an appointment with my naturopath on Saturday and I'd better get my bowels moving again before I weigh in there since it's around noon and I will be, of course, clothed.

And now that I am done for the moment with that shitty topic (pun intended) - here is a pic of Son's eye and Baby Girl's eyes and one of Hubs' eye.


  1. Try some Magnesium - magnesium citrate will do the trick. It's like dynamite! Even an oral magnesium supplement will help or Milk of Magnesia. I think those are all fine when bf as well as the milk of magnesia is not absorbed into the gut, it just passes through.

    Also, I wonder if the benefibre could be making thing worse? It does for me...

    Good luck, I sympathise with you. I don't like it either!

  2. I hear ya! For weeks this has been happening to me. I am not bffs with metamucil ;)

  3. i love hearing about your family.. :)

    oh, i gave you an award! Check out my latest entry. :)

  4. Oh, and er, wow on the eyes! those are amazing photos. How on earth did you taken them!

    I really like those.

  5. @Beth - Milk of Magnesia freaks me out - I have horror stories about that stuff from my childhood!

    @Sarah - thank you!

    @Twiggy - what have you tried? I had some apple cider last night but still-- NOTHING!

    @Beth (again) - Son's eye is cropped from a photo a friend took and the rest are from pics I took. For mine and Hubs - just held the camera close to our faces - LOL! And Baby Girl's is cropped from a pic I took the other day.

  6. HAHAHAHA re: the photos. You'll notice I never have photos on my website. There's a reason for this, it's because I barely can use a camera. And it would never have occurred to me to put one up to my eye to take a picture of it...

    If you are teasing me and I go blind from the flash in my eyeball, I'm coming back for revenge... ;-)

  7. @Beth - nope, I swear, that's how I did it, in a well lit place, trying to focus my eye and not blink.